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AlleyOOP Rocker Board




SKU: WRF-S-217-


The AlleyOOP Rocker Board is a stable, omni-directional rocking board with a full 360 degree arc. Instantly easy to use, the gentle rolling motion provides enough micro-movements to stimulate blood flow in the legs and a wide variety of standing positions that result in a more comfortable standing experience.

  • Uniquely curved to rock in any direction
  • Versatile—helps you change foot positions often
  • Easy to slide under your desk or back out again—no bending over required
  • Non-slip for any type of flooring
  • “Walkable”—easily adjust your distance from your desk
  • Excellent for leg stretching
  • Ready for deskercises—twist in place for an effective core workout
  • Optimized for people 5’—6’+
  • Max. user: 350 lb
  • Size options: Medium (22” x 12” x 1.8”), Large (25” x 14” x 1.8”)
  • Color options: Bamboo, Cherry, Maple, Ebony, and Gray  (The Cherry board will be colored on the top and bottom but all other boards will have a natural colored bottom.)

Standing All Day isn't Easy!

You just got a new standing desk, but standing all day can be uncomfortable so you end up sitting more than standing. Static sitting isn’t good; static standing can be just as bad; trying to balance all day can be over-stimulating. The best way to stand and stay productive is to make effortless movements and transitions between a variety of natural stances. With the AlleyOOP Rocker, you fluidly change foot positions, rock and roll with control, and stand comfortably much longer than you ever have before.

No Falling!

The wide bottom provides stability and security while still encouraging you to rock or change foot positions. Ergonomically engineered to only tip as far as your feet can handle, even the most extreme tipped positions won't cause you to slip or lose your balance. Focus on your work, not on survival, like unsteady balance boards.  Simply step on and get to work!

Carpet, Wood and even Tile!

The AlleyOOP Rocker has a clear TPU plastic bottom that provides grip for slicker surfaces, like tile. This softer bottom also reduces scuffs and scratches on your floor and board in the event any debris wanders under your board.


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