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Logickeyboard The Perfect Keyboard for Windows PC


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"Imagine how slow you would work if your keyboard had no alphabet!"

Prevent Repetitive Strain Injuries (RSI)
Keyboards are the primary input device for computer users, and working with an ergonomic keyboard helps prevent RSI. We’ve designed our LogicKeyboard with a 5 mm ergonomic angle and letters 40% larger than a standard keyboard, features that defend against RSI-related headaches and other ailments.
Many people use the same application throughout their work day. Imagine how slow you would work if your keyboard lacked an alphabet! Likewise, color coded keyboard shortcuts for your application are a big time-saver, especially when they’re printed directly on the keycaps.

Custom angles for better ergonomics
Physiotherapists worldwide have tried for years to convince computer users to use keyboard shortcuts instead of a mouse. Using shortcuts minimizes mouse usage and helps towards RSI.
Our standard LogicKeyboard position offers a 5 mm angle, but if you prefer a slightly higher angle, two extenders on the back of the keyboard will raise it to 10 mm

Color-coded keys for faster typing
Easy color-coding highlights Windows shortcuts that will considerably quicken your workflow.
Use the three color-codings (shift, ctrl and alt) to access 47+ standard Windows shortcuts that will make your job a lot easier. Plus, LogicKeyboard can be customized to your needs with the ideal shortcuts for your business.
Time is money, and with a LogicKeyboard you’ll be surprised how fast you can work and how much time you can save.

  • Color coded shortcuts, to speed up your workflow
  • Prevent injuries by using shortcuts instead of the mouse
  • Prevents headache, due to 40 % larger letters
  • Fits perfectly with a Roller Mouse / Mousetrapper
  • Long lasting quality
  • 2 x built-in USB ports for easy access
  • We offer to print special shortcuts (phone systems, banks, hospitals, traders, etc.
    Almost anything is possible)

The Perfect Keyboard works faster

  • 40% faster workflow when using shortcut
  • Slim type and flat keyboard – reduces wrist and arm tension
  • Quiet soft touch keystroke – low noise, ideal for all day comfort
  • Thin profile keys with X-type scissors switch technology – precise and comfortable tactile feedback
  • Easy set up and use - no software required
  • Integrated USB HUB - two USB 2.0 ports for additional peripheral devices
  • One touch controls (4) – Computer and controls to quickly adjust or mute audio and video files
  • One year limited warranty - certain restrictions and exclusions apply
  • World wide availability


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