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Uprite Ergo

Uprite Ergo started with a very simple question: What’s standing between you and a better day? We’ve all experienced the tense shoulders, lower back pain, leg cramps and other discomforts that can come from long sessions spent sitting at an ergonomically unsound workstation. Users may adjust their chair height, add a footrest, shift their monitor, but in the end, discomfort remains.

Recent years have seen the emergence of height adjustable desks, but they come with their own challenges: Traditional height adjustable desks are expensive and typically require the replacement of existing furniture. Our engineers set out to create a solution that was affordable, practical, elegant and flexible.

The Uprite Ergo™ Sit2Stand height adjustable workstation combines great design with durable materials & construction to create a custom engineered height adjustable workstation that’s functional and durable.